Macarons & Lingerie

Cherry & the Bees – « Macarons & Lingerie »

Cherry & the Bees is a French & British brand created in July 2017 by Cherry, a young French expatriate who settled down at the heart of London a couple of years ago.

Totally addicted to fancy British afternoon tea gatherings, tasty French macarons, and also very keen on cosy and colourful lingerie, naturally, the idea of associating the two emerged and Cherry created these adorable and unique lingerie-pastries.

Cherry & the Bees lingerie collection includes bras, bralettes, panties, French knickers and thongs that can all be purchased either on their own or as part of a “treat”: the macaron box, whereby each piece of lingerie will be folded immaculately. Eight different macaron flavour/colour are available: honey lemon, dark chocolate, blueberry, pistachio, rose petal, lavender grape, blue raspberry and cherry blossom. The hardest part is to choose which one to go for!

Should one want a piece of lingerie folded into a macaron box, the latter will be placed into a white glossy cardboard Single Cake Box and wrapped  with a coloured satin ribbon.

Furthermore, one may want two pieces of lingerie. Both will then be nicely folded and wrapped in two Single Cake Boxes, or into one Duo Cake Box.

Needless to point out that lingerie, macaron, cake box and ribbon options are limitless and each treat is unique!

Today, and like most emerging designers, Cherry & the Bees chooses mainly to advertise on Instagram, a platform where it is easy to interact with users and introduce them to the unique Macarons & Lingerie concept through product visuals and mood boards. Making the most of the Instagram story platform, the followers are always able to keep up to date with the latest announcements and new products available on the website.

A couple of weeks ago, Cherry & the Bees introduced its debut bridal collection simply entitled “The Bride”.

This desire to enter the bridal industry emerged partly after many hen party organisers have expressed a strong interest in the brand and its products that are part of the perfect bridesmaids gift list. In October 2017, Cherry & the Bees was contacted by the Brides Magazine and was featured in the “Looks to Love” section of the January-February 2018 edition.

Since then, Cherry & the Bees has also been featured in the March-April issue of Brides Magazine in the “Marriage à La Mode” section, and in Condé Nast Traveller more recently and as part of the “Don’t leave home without…” section.

In the upcoming weeks, the adorable Macarons & Lingerie will be making their first live appearance at the Pure London fashion trade show, an exciting opportunity for Cherry & the Bees to be indulged by the biggest names in global fashion and take the next step towards international recognition.